Radio Säteily – A free student radio!

Playing once a year for three weeks, Radio Säteily is University of Lapland’s own student radio. The radio waves were conquered for the 17th time in 2017, broadcasts started 1st of November.

Radio Säteily 2017 is officially over! 


Students of University of Lapland, in addition to other citizens of Rovaniemi, are responsible of producing programmes for Radio Säteily. We are a non-profit and amateur run local radio, which has through the years melted it’s way into the locals hearts in our own way of doing original and quality programmes.

In the year 2017 Radio Säteily will continue its successful career as a student radio, and will offer only the most interesting programmes to the homes, cars, and the work places of all citizens. The studio of Radio Säteily is located within the facilities of University of Lapland. The radio can be reached from within 20 kilometre radius of the university. and can also be listened as a web radio, with live video streamed directly to the listeners.

Any questions? Do you wanna say something to us?
Contact Radio Säteily via email radiosateily(at)